A fun minecraft themed bot where you can mine ores, chop trees, and more! Updates every weekend with new and refreshing content!

Created By: Panicakr# 0577

New update! Massive Ender Dragon boss fight! New lottery system! Updates every weekend with new and refreshing content! (Updates are every weekend)

All current commands:

m!help - Visit the Minecord Documentation

m!commands - View the entire command list

m!command <command> - View information about a specific command

m!start - Start your adventure

m!mine - Mine some ores

m!chop - Chop some trees

m!fight - Fight some enemies

m!bossfight - Slay powerful bosses

m!info - View information on different tools

m!advancements - View your progress as an adventurer!

m!lottery - View the current lottery

m!lottery bet <amount> - Bet on the current lottery

m!axe, m!pickaxe, m!sword - Change your selected tool

m!axes, m!pickaxes, m!swords - View all of your tools

m!give - Give some materials to a friend

m!inv or m!profile - View your or another player's inventory

m!top - View the top players

m!sell - Sell your resources to make money

m!shop - View all available shops to purchase new tools

m!support or m!server - Join the support server

m!invite - Invite the bot to your server