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The ultimate bot for delivering game stats, data, tournament, team and match information for eSports fans of competitive games.




eSports bot is here to provide you detailed and instant information about your favorite esports games, leagues and matches. You can easily hook it up to your Discord server and have up to date information at your fingertips at all times. You want to have the latest updates about your favourite LoL league? No problem, just type !direct,lol,leagues,LDL. Let eSports bot find you all the upcoming tournaments and matches scheduled. Easily filter and get all the latest stats or historic data you need.

You need even more info or have a fun idea? Reach out to us and let us build a custom bot for you: [email protected]

Commands: !help - Lists all the useful commands and how to use them !leagues - Lets you select your favourite game and then lists all the leagues. You can get detailed information about your selected league. !results - Detailed match results. Select your favorite game with a reaction, pick the match your are looking for and see the Result, Winner, Time, Tournament and League information. You can even dig deeper and check everything out about the match opponents. !running - Select a game to see the running matches and get the detailed stats about the matches you are interested in !schedule - shows you the upcoming matches for the day !streams - shows you the available live streams

TIP: at the beginning of the day, !results will show fewer results as there are probably no finished games. Start the day with !schedule to see the upcoming matches and close your day with looking into the !results.

Games: LOL - League of Legends Dota 2 - Defense of the Ancients 2 CS:GO - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive OW - Overwatch

Examples: !direct,lol,champions,Brand - info about a given LoL champion !direct,lol,leagues,LDL - info on a league of a given game !direct,csgo,matches,Round 1 Match 1: ENCE vs AVANGAR - info on a concrete match of a given game

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