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Simple, yet feature-rich multi-server modmail bot for your Discord Server. MailBox makes server communication easier than ever!

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MailBox - Easy server communication!

What is MailBox?

Mailbox is a Discord Bot that allows members of your server to create tickets and contact staff. Its essentially a ticket system, but done through DMs instead for a more secure and private experience, if you won't want the user to see everything you are doing in a ticket channel.

How does it work?

After you setup MailBox in your server, when a member DMs the bot they will be greeted with a list of servers they share with the bot. Each server has an ID next to it, where they simply type -open [id] to create a thread. A channel will be created in your server, where you can reply to the user with -r [message] and use other thread commands. To close a thread, simply run -close [time] inside of the thread channel.

How do I set MailBox up?

Setup is extremely easy! You only need to run one command to get going, however there are more commands for further customization. Simply run -setcategory [category] to select a category in your server that will be used for the tickets. You can also add roles that have permission to reply to threads with the -addrole [role] command. By default, only members with the Manage Server permission can reply.

Thats all!

Now that you have learned what MailBox is and how to use it, you are free to invite it and give it a shot! We value all support greately and we are nearing 500 servers! If you would like more information or need help, please visit our Support Server

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boss 18 days ago

Good bot.

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MailBox 18 days ago

Thanks boss!

Replying to boss

avatar of bean
bean 18 days ago

A flexible mod mail bot thats easy to use and without nonsense design and absurd premium prices

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MailBox 18 days ago

Appreciate the kind review, bean!

Replying to bean