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A rich, comprehensive, and feature-packed game bot including games like Chess dedicated to enhancing Discord servers.


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Simon has been a discord bot in development ≈ 1 year ago. It was first created just for friends, but I decided to publicize it recently so yeah. The bot comes with a full moderation system which can be used to kick, ban/unban, add/remove roles, and clear messages. It also comes with full entertainment commands to use when you're bored or smth. It has tool commands for your convinience and also a currency system (around 30% completed). The bot also has a full complete chess system which you can use to play against users and bots. I think Simon is the only bot on discord to support playing against bots and it's rly fun so pls check it out. It also comes with a chess puzzles system to test your knowledge to a new level. I worked really hard on this bot so it would be cool if you would add it to your server.

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