Blackberry is a multi-functional, entertaining bot to keep your server cozy.

Why should I add this bot to my server? We have commands such as b!find, b!guildinfo and soooo much more! This bot will replace many bots as we include multiple features in the bot which are all equally worked on each day such as insanely in depth Moderation all the way to a Starboard and Meme Creators!

Do you have any watermarks on the memes you allow us to create? Simple answer is, nope; we don't believe in using watermarks as we all find them annoying and we want you to have fun with the bot, not hate it...

Is there a way for me to remove a specific type of message (files, embeds, bots, user specfic etc)? Yes! This is another reason why we believe this bot will replace many other bots due to it having a very advanced pruning system for messages. If you want to remove a specfic user's message(s), simply type b!prune user <user> [number of messages] and POOF!! The messages are gone.

Can I create some custom commands for my server? Well, of course! We allow you to customize what the command name will be and what the output to the message will be. Example: b!add_command test I am a very nice command, b!test will return to your server "I am a very nice command".

Have another bot with the prefix b!? Don't fret! We allow customization of our bot's prefix to anything ranging from emotes to numbers and even mentions.

We sadly don't have any sort of logging in our bot so we recommend having another bot to handle the logging side of things