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Multi-functional bot, still in development



As already said still in development Has some of moderation commands There are some fun commands Working on roleplay and much more stay tuned You can add me on discord (Zxyn#8667) for some ideas you think would be good Music features yet to be added I am having a struggle there because i lack some experience with that sector of discord.js If you find anything not working please contact me so i can fix it as soon as possible(already mentioned my username) Later in future it will be customizable so you can adapt it to your needs (levels,leaderboards, autoroles,roles on react etc.) One of the pros of this bot is that it's hosted from my pc so it has really low respond time(very fast) Expect sometimes it being offline as every bot needs to reboot and stuff like that especially this one(i need to restart my pc oftenly) That's it for now

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