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General Bot

A general bot can do many general and fun things, including coinflip, 8ball, add, say, gifs, and more!



The General Bot has many general features including:

soon will have text to emoji and more

&ping and &pong are commands used to check if the bot is online and tells the ping.

&say allows you to make the bot say whatever you want it to say.

&add is an adding calculator. (used: &add 9 10, for which the outcome would be 19).

&coinflip flips a random coin (either heads or tails)

&8ball is a fun command where you can ask the magic 8 ball a question and it will reply.

&invite makes the bot DM you an invite link to invite the bot to your server.

&yes, &no and &maybe send gifs corresponding with their command names.

Don't forget to always use the prefix, '&'

For help type - &help

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