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Brawl Bass is a lootbox simulator similar to Brawl Box bot based on Supercell's Brawl Stars game. You can play matches and unlock new tiers, complete quests, unlock achievements, collect gems and much more!

Important commands:

-profile • Shows your stats.

-quest • Shows your current quest.

-quest new • Gets a new quest.

-brawl • Stars a match.

-inventory • Shows your inventory.

-achievements • Shows available achievements.

-shop • Shows the shop.

-season • Shows info about current season.

-daily • Gets a daily reward.

-prefix • Changes brawl pass prefix.

-help • Shows all commands.

The bot also allows you to change its prefix, so in case you don't know Brawl Pass' prefix for a server, just mention it and it will tell you!

Please note that this is not vinculated with Supercell.

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