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HDOBUSA is a multipurpose, DISCORD'S FAVORITE MESSAGING and FUN BOT. We do everything that your average fun bot should do.



What is HDOBUSA?

HDOBUSA is a multipurpose, DISCORD'S FAVORITE MESSAGING and FUN BOT. We do everything that your average fun bot should do. HDOBUSA is a Meme bot, MESSAGING bot, image manipulation bot, and so much more! We have over 250 commands,and that keeps growing. Anything you want or need in your server, we probably handle it!

Are there paid perks?

Currently, no Paid Perks are available. But sooner as, the BOT gets popular or User wants any special perks for Servers. We may work on that too.


HDOBUSA is able to be added to any server by someone with Manage Server permissions on said server. For most commands, all you need for bot permissions are Send, Read Messages, and Embed Links.

About Bot Prefix?

By default, HDOBUSA prefix is "!!" Commands are run like !!meme, there must not be a space!

Additional Prefix Info

For now, You cannot keep prefix of your choice , this may change in the future. If you forget the server's prefix you can run !!help and the bot will return the current prefix to you.


Avatar – Let’s You View the high quality avatar of your member in Server. Members – Shows the total Number of Members in Server. Server Info – Shows all the important Info Related to the Server. User Info – Shows information related to the user and when the person joined the Server. Uptime – Show time the bot is active from.


Cat – Finds a random Cat Image. Bz – Add The Logo of Brazzers in the Users Avatar. Dog – Finds a random Dog Image. Bz – Add The Logo of Brazers in the Users Avatar. Hug – Sends a hug gif you can choose to mention user. Kiss – Sends a kiss gif to channel you can choose to mention user to kiss them. Confess – Anonomously Confess anything you in any server. Emojify – Convert any text to Emojy.


Meme – Generate Random Meme For You. Caution – Roll all Caution Tape the User You Have Mentioned. Dice – Rolls a dice for you. Discord Nitro – Prank Anyone With a Discord Nitro Image. Flip – Flips a Coin For You. Jail – Keeps any mentioned user in the server behind the bars. Kill – Kill any User in the Server in Random Ways. RPS – Play rock paper scissor with the Bot.


Reminder- Sets a Reminder. Channel – You can send messages to Servers channels through Hdobusa. Clear – Clears Chats. DM – You can privately send Message Server members through Hdobusa. Help – Shows all Commands of Hdobusa. Nickname – Set Nickname of server Members Ping – Shows Ping Between Bot and Server Poll – Helps Creating Polls Between multiple options. Slow Mode – Allows to enable to Slow Mode on text Channels. Vote – Server members can vote between two decisions . Warn – Warns any member of Server for Violating Rules.


Contact – Provides You the official discord link of Hdobusa. Hello – Replies you with hello. Invite – Provides you the invite link of the bot. Cov19 – Display Covid 19 Cases of Nepal. Short Link – Generates a short link for any website directly through discord message.
Tempmsg – You can write temporary message on any server which lasts for 30 sec. Youtube Stats – Shows the YouTube Chanel Views/ Subs and manymore. Website- Provides You the official website link of Hdobusa.

User Reviews


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avatar of sandeep sharma
sandeep sharma 1 month ago

I have used it and I am fully satisfied with this bot. This is one of my best bot and easy to use. In my opinion you should also use this bot on your server!!!!


avatar of aCrazyPOTATO
aCrazyPOTATO 1 month ago

Very helpful Bot and easy setup too. It is very easy to use even for new Discord users.


avatar of Rojash
Rojash 1 month ago

If you need everything in one place this is the bot you are looking for


avatar of Zerofō 찬.
Zerofō 찬. 1 month ago

If you haven't already used this bot what are you doing mate? IT'S LITERALLY THE BEST UNDERRATED BOT