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Welcome to Brand Bot. Our bot Foccuses on innovating your discord experience with unique, fun & useful commands. With an exclusive touch.



Brand Bot

Fun Games

-Rock Paper Sciccors


-Counting(Which is exsclusive in the Support Server)

More Games are heading it's way!!!


the economy is heading it's way to the bot we are working very hard on it to get it on as soon as possible!

Useful, info & Brand Commands

We also have a tools in our bot implented like math. You can also find all the bot info with command such as Botinfo, Serverinfo and the command ping.

Exclusive About the Bot

This bot gives you a list of brands and if you type in a command with one of brands from the list you can find a lot of important information about the the brand you typed in. If you want to see a brand added in the brandlist go suggest it in the Support Server( with the command b!suggest. Than will take a look at it so maybe your favourite brand can be added to the list.

Enjoy Brand Bot :D

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