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Angry Birds Styled Economy Bot with Special Holiday Events!


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Angry Birds Economy Bot is an Angry Birds Styled Economy bot. To get birdcoins you must play and claim your dailies, for the full command please say abe!help (**NOTE:** You need to allow the bot to send you DM's, like in the case of `abe!help`, `abe!suggest`, `abe!report`, `abe!submitmeme`, `abe!submitspoopy`, `abe!abfcotw` and a few more!)

Prefix: abe!

To use me say abe!<command> for example: abe!help

< > - required
{ } - optional



help - sends you a list of avaliable commands to execute!
invite - get Bot invite and Support Server Invite
stats - bot stats
support - links you to the patreon page!
supporters - users who support me on Patreon!
vote - vote for the bot on Top.GG!



profile {usermention} - view level, birdcoins, popped pigs etc.
play - play to get birdcoins
steal - steal user's eggs to get snoutlings
chest - claim your daily chests
buy <item> - buy something from shop
shop - shop item lists
lb <birdcoins/snoutlings/eggs/pigs/stars/apples> - global (and maybe server) leaderboards
sell <item> - sell your items!
convert <b/s> <amount>/ convert <s/b> <amount> - Convert currencies b/s stands for Birdcoins to Snoutlings and s/b stands for Snoutlings to Birdcoins
hatchling - view your Hatchling's custom status!
give <birdcoins/snoutlings> <usermention> <amount> - give someone Birdcoins/Snoutlings
add<birdcoins/snoutlings> <usermention> <amount> (Only Admins) - set birdcoins to someone
remove<birdcoins/snoutlings> <usermention> <amount> (Only Admins) - removes Birdcoins/Snoutlings from someone


Special Events

xmas - Christmas Special Event!
vday - Valentines Day Special Event!
stpday - St. Patrick's Day Special Event!
eday - Easter Special Event!
hday - Halloween Special Event!



bio <text> - set your bio for your profile
hex <HEX Code> - set your color on your profile (must be HEX color code)
say <message Code> - make the bot say something
who - find who last messaged as the bot
meme - sends a meme relating to Angry Birds! (NOTE: These memes are created by the AB community, so I do not take credit for all of them)
spoopy - sends a spoopy image or gif relating to Angry Birds!
suggest - suggest new features for the bot!
report - report any bugs or issues with the bot!
submitmeme - IMAGE LINK ONLY! submit your meme for `abe!meme`!
submitspoopy - IMAGE LINK ONLY! submit your spoopy for `abe!spoopy`!
abfcotw - enter your AB oc to be in the 'Angry Birds Fan Character of The Week'!
requestdata - request ‘all’ of the data ABE has collected from your time using it!
deletedata - deletes ‘all’ of the data ABE has collected from your time using it!

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