LoL Esports Collector Commands Prefix: $

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rolling bot for league of legends pro players (lec,lck,lcs) where you have to fill 4 albums of every league in rarities. Every player comes in 4 rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary, with each rarity being harder to collect.


-album Usage:<league_name> <rarity_name> e.g. $album lck common//displays your album collection!

-balance //balance of your wallet!

-buypack Usage:e.g. $buypack//buy a pack of cards for 999 diamonds!

-buypackmax Usage:e.g. $buypackmax//spend your balance on packs

-cardbalance //balance of your unrevealed cards!

-character Usage:e.g. $char perkz (L)//retrieve a character card.

-collection //displays your collection!

-collectionName Usage:e.g. $colname My pretty collection//change your collection name!

-collectionvalue //displays your full collection ordered with value!

-daily //Claim your daily dose of free diamonds!

-getpack //Get a pack of 5 character cards - open them with opencard (oc) command!

-help Usage:[command name]//List all of my commands or info about a specific command.

-leaderboard //Global Leaderboard link.

-opencard //Open and Claim 1 card from your card stash!

-roll //roll a random card!

-sell Usage:e.g. $sell perkz (L)//sell a character you own!

-sellduplicates Usage:e.g. $sellduplicates)//sell all duplicates at once!

-setprefix Usage:e.g. $setprefix !//set the prefix for this server

-status //Get a status of your rolls, packs and balance!

-tellmeabout Usage:e.g. $tmb @bob323//Tells you about you and another user!

-topserver //Server collection leaderboard!

-trade Usage:e.g. $trade @ perkz (L)//trade a character you own!

-wish Usage:e.g. $wish perkz (L)//put a character on your wishlist. ( Wishlisted characters tag you when that character drops)

-wishlist //displays a list of your wished characters!

-wishremove Usage:e.g. $wishremove perkz (L)//remove a character from wishlist.

You can send -help [command name] to get info on a specific command!