Created By: Arthur# 5863

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Welcome to Ramen Bot 🍜

With Ramen bot, your chatting will spawn characters from an ever increasing library of characters from all types of anime, manga & manhwa! Guess the names of these characters and you can claim them (waifus and husbandos), adding their card to your collection.

Favourite cards you like, add cards you want to your wishlist, trade with others to collect them all. Why just collect them when you can also interact with them? Go delve into Dungeons, explore Archaeological sites, after that perhaps go grab a bowl of the day from the Ramen stand?

Well now you can!

Inbound updates;

  • Work farms with your characters!
  • Increase character proficiencies!
  • and much more!

For setup, please refer to the setup command.

!NEW! Ramen client has been completely rewritten to aid performance! With this rewrite many of the foundations of our RPG updates are in and ready to build.

If you ever need assistance, please refer to our website support/FAQ page or join our Discord. ^^