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An I N T E R E S T I N G bot themed around TwoSet Violin!




Updated set of Permissions that Ling Ling needs -------------------------------------------------- - Manage Roles - Manage Messages - Read Messages - Send Messages - Embed Links - Use External Emojis - Add Reactions These are the bare minimum that is needed for the bot to function correctly across all areas.


The violinist god is now a bot that you can add to your server!


  • Autoresponses created around TwoSet memes.
  • Get your best viola, and other, jokes using the joke command!
  • Features a custom activity that can be set by the developers! DM Stradivarius Violin#6156 if you want the bot to say something you want!
  • A full economy system ready to make you PRACTISE!!!

Economy System

  • Portray the life of a classical musician! Start small, and grow as you practise, buy better items, and hire a professional orchestra!
  • Rob your friends' violins! But beware that they can rob you as well!
  • Tired of people robbing you? Purchase Ling Ling Insurance! It will protect you - but at a cost.
  • Amass a large daily streak by using the daily command every day!
  • Earn as many medals as you can, and surpass your friends in fame and riches on the leaderboard!
  • Gain items to give you an edge against other users!
  • Feeling lucky? Try your hand at slots and scratch tickets, or go old and play traditional RNG gambling!

NOTE: The economy system is constantly being evaluated, and balance changes may happen at any time. You will not be penalized or refunded for any purchases made before updates.

Verified by Discord on December 23, 2020

Have a Suggestion? Want to report a bug?

  • Use the ?suggest command in the support server to suggest features!
  • Use the ?report command in the support server to report bugs!
  • Questions? Comments? Bug reports? They are welcome in my DMs as well!

Support Server Invite: discord.gg/gNfPwa8

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