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A public ro-av (roblox aviation) discord bot.


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?help View all server commands. ?ping View the bot's latency by seeing how long it takes to respond to a message. ?prefix Set the server prefix (MUST HAVE MANAGE SERVER PERMISSIONS) ?suggest Suggest a feature for the bot! ​ ​ ?setmoderatorrole Set the server moderator role (one word) ?kick Kick a member. (moderator) ?ban Ban a member. (moderator) ?mute Mute a member. (moderator) ​ ​ ?luffy luffy is a retard ?meme Grab a meme from r/dankmemes, r/memes, or r/me_irl ?coinflip Flips a coin, will either land on heads or tails. ?roll Role a 20 sided die. (d20) ?say Send a message in chat. Use ?say embed <message> to say it in embedded format. ?rate Rate something. ?plane Send a random image of a plane! Will grab from: r/Planespotting ​ ​ ?news View the latest ro-av news. ?report Report any user to get them blacklisted! ?aotw View small airlines that are great.

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