Created By: Toxi# 0001


Boo is a friendly helpful ghost who provides a fully customizable timer that auto repeats to your server.


  • A custom timer that can mention a user or role each time, and send custom text in any channel.
  • Boo also contains useful moderation commands
  • Fully customizable
  • Actively adding features


boo setup - Sets up the timer with a step by step walk through.

boo timer [duration] - Set a timer for any duration (at least one minute). Accepts: (seconds, minutes, hours, days).

boo stoptimer - Stops the timer in your server.

boo avatar [user] - Gets the avatar of a user in a large embed. Contains links to different formats also.

boo info - Contains information about Boo.

boo invite - Gets an invite link to add Boo to other servers.

boo ping - Tests if the bot is online or if the connection is slow.

boo prefix [prefix] - Displays the current prefix for Boo and allows you to change. (Mentioning the bot acts as a prefix too in case you forget).

boo whois [user] - Shows in depth information about a user, including when they joined, roles, when they boosted your server, etc.

Any bugs please report to Toxi#0001 or join the support server and send to the bug channel, Thank You!