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an all in one bot! full of general commands to every mod command. from weather forecast to temp role commands to game commands.






JackBot has loads of new and original commands we have: general game commands like rock paper scissors, coin flip commands and more we have a fake stock market setup so you can buy and sell stocks with your friends we have information commands like facts and covid info commands also in JackBot there is a poll command, this can be used to see if you should add something to your server or mod somene, the bot auto gives you a upvot/down vote % mod commands: there are many mod commands like ban or kick but there are some special ones, like being able to give someone a role then removing it after a set time. same as being able to remove someones role and readd it. slow mode setting command create a voice channel or text channel with the bot creating a text or voice channel then auto deleting it aftera set amount of time JackBot has a special error message for every command so it is easy to use JackBot also has a help command for each command so you know how to use it at its fullest

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