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A simple Moderation Bot that stays online 24/7. !help or !discord if you need help :)




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Dan The Man

What does this bot do?

Dan The Man is a 24/7 Bot. It is a simple Moderation Bot. Has all the commands you need to make sure your server is secure. We update the bot regularly! If the Bot is ever down please do !discord and let me know and I will fix it. For more commands please do !help and it will help you further. There will be more commands coming soon!

Moderation Commands

!ban Bans a member from the server.

!kick Kicks a member from the server.

!nuke Clones a channel and deletes the old one.

!purge Purges messages within a channel.

!unban Unbans a member from the server.

!lock Locks the channel stated in.

!unlock Unlocks the channel stated in.

!mute Mutes a member in your server.

!unmute Unmutes a member from your server.

Informational Commands

!discord Displays our current Support server.

!offline If the bot is offline it means that the bot is being updated or being refreshed to make sure everything is still working.

!socials My twitch

!invite The link to invite my discord bot.

!upvote The link to upvote Dan The Man.

Those are all the current commands!

If you want more informational or moderation commands please do !discord and go to #suggestions and let me know.

What do we have coming?

Leveling System


Currency System

Any ETA?

Not really but probably will be out in the summer.

Why the summer?

The summer because I will have a lot more time to focus on coding and making sure the bot works before it goes public to the community.

Don't wait, get started right now! If you want to make any suggestions make sure you join the server and let me know right away! Thank You!

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