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Bombsquad PRO Bot

A must have bot for all bombsquad discord servers.


  • Universal Bomsquad server search - Search any bombsquad server IP & PORT , check availability directly from discord.
    !bs server {server-name}- search server by server name.
    !bs server ip {}- Search server by IP address.
  • Search any player - Search any player by his account-id , Device ID , Name.
    !bs player pb-hd8HH8DF==- Search player by account -id
    !bs player Android12345678- Search player by AndroidID
    !bs player PC123456-Search player by PC ID
    !bs player mrsmoothy- search player by google-id
  • Create/Join Clans - Create or join any clan ; to get recognition which community you belong to.
    !bs @mention- to check in which clan mentioned user in.
    !bs clans- check list of all clans sorted by members count.
  • Link Bombsquad - discord ID - Link your bombsquad id with your discord account ; to get global recognition , easy to reach any bombsquad player on discord , help server owners to easily manager their members.

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!bs help to check complete list of available commands

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