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DSL Vote Listener

A simple bot for tracking votes on https://top.gg/servers


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DSL Vote Listener


Server Manager commands
Name Use
info (data, webhook) Grabs info about the webhook, comes with an X option incase you do it in a public channel.
vote (start, setup) [channel mention or "delete"] Starts the webhook for the mentioned channel (if you say delete it deletes the webhook)
change [regen / channel] [channel mention (not required for regen)] Regenerates your authentication or changes your channel ID and keeps votes intact
leaderboard (lb, lboard) [on / off] Opts in / out of our public leader board [here](https://animalbot.xyz/dsl)
Everyone commands
Name Use
votes (tv, trackedvotes) How many votes the webhook has tracked in your serevr
help (h) Help menu
guide (howto, how, how2, guidance) Provides an easy guide to setting up the webhook
botinfo (bi, stats) Shows you bot stats. It really is that simple.

Extra notices

  1. This bot is in no way affiliated with Discord Server List.
  2. If you remove the permissions for the bot to send in the webhook channel, your webhook will be deleted, this will also happen if you kick the bot.
  3. DSL Vote Listener will add you to our public leaderboard if you get more than 1 vote, to stop this, just opt out using the leaderboard command mentioned above just after you create the webhook and before you input the details into top.gg. This will ensure that you are not on the leaderboard ever.

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