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Botto is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot that Has Very Cool Features Like Imagine Manipulation, Utility, Fun, A Very Nice Economy System & More!


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Botto is A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot made Mainly for having Fun!

It also has a Fun Currency / Economy System with +160 Users Already!

You can use the Bot for Other Stuff like Utility, Misc Commands & More!

Main Features

Botto has Very Cool Image Manipulation Commands that generates Memes By User Input,

Which is Cool and I'm Sure that you're gonna have Fun using Them

It also has Very Usable Utility Commands that you will need A Lot like:

Anime Search, ID Lookup, Weather Info, Currency Conversion & A Lot More!


Botto has a Variety of different commands,

Most Of Botto's Commands Are Image Manipulation Commands,

Another Big Portion is Fun & Utility Commands,

Ecnonomy Commands Are Also There, A Bit Of Misc Commands Too

And Other Kind of Commands Also exist in the Bot


Botto is a Project Owned By Tofee (aka HussainARK)

You can check Out our Website

The Project's Main Goal is just to make Discord More Fun & Enjoyable for Friends & People

You can help the Project by giving Your Awesome Ideas If you Have

If You want ask About Anything about the Project You can DM Me on Discord (Tofee#1331)

You can also Join Our Discord Server For Even More Info

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