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Offline, add vicio instead. Cool discord bot 😈 it has fun commands including snipe, utility and all moderation stuff






(add the new bot "vicio") This bot has gone offline because it was very limited, look for vicio instead, it has the same features but better and easier to use. It has snipe commands (editsnipe, image snipe), all the moderation commands and a command you dont often see in other bots which is "quarantine", it makes the mentioned user unable to see all the channels in the server, it has a "setjail" command whihc is an alternative way for muting members, it also has utility commands to make the server easier to work with and a few fun commands like hug, kiss, say, etc. You can also create and edit roles with commands only (create, give, change color). The bot still is being worked on, adding new commands almost everyday and making the current commands better and easier to use. Also, the bot looks tbh add it

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