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FadeBot is a unique Discord bot that has many different features you wouldn't find on any other bots.






FadeBot has many unique and cool features. A user friendly !help menu that is really easy to navigate through.

FadeBot is free, however we have a premium option that allows the user to control the bots plugins from a webpanel on our coming soon website.

Moderation Commands:

!purge {amount} Purges the amount of messages selected.

!ban @user Bans the user mentioned

!kick @user Kicks the user mentioned

!say text Sends the text you want it to say via a embed.

!role @role @user Adds the mentioned role to the user.

!removerole @role @user Removes the mentioned role from the user.

!prefix {prefix} Changes the bot prefix for your server.

Fun Commands:

!define word Defines the word.

!dadjoke Sends a dadjoke.

!gayrate @user Gayrates the user out of 100%

!simprate @user Simprates the user out of 100%

!8ball {Question} Responses to your question.

!pp @user Repondes with your pp size.

!WouldYouRather Asks you a question.

!meme Sends you a meme.

!avatar @user Sends the avatar of the mentioned user.

Giveaway Commands.

!gstart Starts a giveaway.

!gend {ID} Ends the giveaway with that ID in the server.

!greroll {ID} Reroll the giveaway with that ID in the server.

!gdelete {ID} Deletes the giveaway with that ID in the server.

!gedit {ID} Edits the giveaway with that ID in the server.

Covid-19 Commands:

!covid {country} Shows live covid status of each country.

!covid world Shows world stats.

Reputation Commands: (Note: reputations are bot wide which makes its easier for users to add reputations to other users)

!rep @user {stars 1-5} {Reason} Adds Reputation that user.

!reps @user Shows all Reputation the user has gotten.

Please if you have any issues join our support Discord for advanced help on the bot.

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