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Team Snake

Team Snake is a bot that lets you play Snake with your friends. Compete with other servers to get the longest snake possible!


s! (customizable)

Team Snake

Team Snake is a Discord bot written with JDA that allows users to play Snake with one another, using reactions to vote on the next move. High scores are saved, with global leaderboards making it possible for servers to compete for records.



Play with friends

Games are server-wide: The most popular option is picked!


Compete with other servers for high scores! WARNING: By using the bot, a score will be submitted to the leaderboard. Your server name and game score will be listed in this list, which anyone can see.

Snake modes

Special snake modes change up the gameplay and have a 25% chance of activating after each move!

  • 😈πŸŸͺπŸŸͺ🟣 Devil snake moves in the opposite direction of the chosen move.
  • 🀒🟩🟩🟒 Glutted snake dies when eating an apple.
  • 😑πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸ”΄ Charged snake continues to move until reaching an obstacle.



  • s!play starts a game.
  • s!info provides details about the bot and basic rules.
  • s!modes explains the gameplay for each special snake mode.
  • s!leaderboard shows the top server scores. (Please notice the warning above)


  • s!prefix [character] can be used to change the prefix the bot responds to in the current server.
  • s!server can be used by admins to manage the game.

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