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Advanced Minecraft Verification - Connect to our database of over 8000 verified users. Slash Commands Supported!

Expand your Minecraft-Related Server with a feature-rich verification bot. MC Verify already has over 8000 verified users and counting!

Why Verification?

Verification can serve many purposes, from displaying ingame ranks to moderation, here are some key reasons to add verification to your server:

  • Avoid needing to ask for usernames
  • Ensure only one entry into giveaways
  • Improve ban-evasion detection
  • Protect key channels from punishment evaders
  • Display ingame ranks

Why MC Verify?

There are many bots which offer Minecraft Verification, however MC Verify has several distinct features you might prefer:

  • Slash Command Support
  • Public Dev API
  • Share verifications across servers (>8000 users already in our database)
  • High uptime
  • Inbuilt moderation features
  • Hypixel-less code-based verification supported



Unless a user unverifies, they will only ever need to verify with the bot one time. For their first verification, they will need to use the /verify command to perform either Hypixel or Code verification.

There are three sub commands to /verify:

  • /verify help Show verification-specific help.
  • /verify hypixel <Minecraft Username> Verify using Hypixel profile settings.
  • /verify code <Minecraft Username> <Code> Verify using a code.

Hypixel verification is done by setting the user's Discord username in Hypixel to their discord name (name#1234), then running the verify command. Users who cannot access Hypixel, have special characters in their name, or don't want to set this setting must use code verification, which is done by logging in to verify.skyblock.community and using the code it gives you in /verify code.

Note: This bot was originally made for Skyblock Community, thus the domain of the verification server.

Verification can be confusing for some people, so we suggest writing a detailed guide, or using ours.

Once verified, a user can use the following:

  • /rankupdate Force update your rank in this server.
  • /unverify Unverify your Discord account.

/rankupdate will ensure the user's verification roles are correct, this can be used if the role is accidentally lost or if they purchased a new Hypixel rank (and Hypixel Ranks are enabled). /unverify or unverify.skyblock.community can be used to unlink the user's Minecraft account if one of them is lost or changed.

Lookup Commands

General users can lookup a user's verification using the following commands:

  • /link Lookup a user's Discord (given Minecraft) or Minecraft (given Discord) account.
    • /link discord <Discord User> Lookup a Discord user's Minecraft account.
    • /link minecraft <Minecraft Username/UUID> Lookup a Minecraft user's Discord.

Note: This command will also show users not in the Discord.

For looking up a Minecraft UUID, the following command is used:

  • /uuid <Minecraft Username> Returns the user's Minecraft UUID.

A plain message is returned for Mobile users to copy easily.


Moderator-only commands use old style message commands, and require the Kick Members privilage to use.


The bot will send a message in the notifications channel when a Discord user verifies using a watchlisted Minecraft account. This is designed to protect against ban evasion, however has many potential uses. The commands to add/remove/show the watchlist are:

  • !watchlist add <UUID/Minecraft Name> Watch this minecraft account and alert of joins.
  • !watchlist remove <UUID/Minecraft Name> Remove this minecraft account from the watchlist.
  • !watchlist list List all users in the watchlist.

Force Verification

If enabled, users who are force verified must verify before being allowed back into the general server. A user can be automatically force-verified if their account is too young, or manually via the following command:

  • !forceverify <Member> Apply force verification to a user.


A staff member can force update a user's rank using the following command:

  • !rankupdateother <Member> Rank update another user by force.

This may be easier than explaining how to use /rankupdate


Adjusting Settings

Bot settings can be seen by sending just !set, and can be adjusted using:

  • !set <key> <value> Set a setting. No variables for a list of settings.
  • !get <key> Get the value of a setting.
  • !clear <key> Clear the set value of a setting.

Mass Update/Clean

After setting up the bot, you may consider having the bot update the roles of users who are verified in the bot already, this can be done using the following command:

  • !massupdate Apply verification roles to all verified users in the server without roles.

If your verification roles are mixed up and need to be cleaned out, you may use the following:

  • !massclean Ensure all users have valid, up-to-date role formats and remove unverified users who have verification roles.

Mass actions must be started by an administrator, and may take a very long time depending on how many users your server has and also how busy the bot is. Due to rate limiting, servers with Hypixel Ranks enabled will take even longer, please avoid performing these unnecessarily.


Initial setup is done via the !setup command, run the command and then send start in chat once you've read the embed explaining the process.

Note: If you want to change the bot's prefix, that must be done directly using !set

Developer API

If you're a developer, you may find MC Verify's API interesting. It's designed with relaxed limitations in mind and has numerous uses, here are some examples:

  • Automatically detect a user's Minecraft account for ingame-data based commands
  • Adding Minecraft support to an existing verification system
  • Extending the verified user's in an existing Minecraft Verification system
  • Ease transfering from a previous verification system

The following methods are available:

GET /token_info Get basic token info POST /discord Convert a single Minecraft UUID into verification info POST /minecraft Convert a single Discord ID into verification info POST /bulk/discord Convert a multiple Minecraft UUIDs into verification info POST /bulk/minecraft Convert a multiple Discord IDs into verification info

Please check out !api for details on how to access, and the documentation for usage details.


  • Added set_nickname setting. Ensure bot has manage nicknames permission before using, bot cannot set nicknames for users higher in the role hierarchy than it.
  • Fixed an issue with !clear not working.
  • If users send /verify <username> (which will send through as normal text), the help menu will now appear instead of no response.

Support or Suggestions

If you experience issues, have questions or wish to suggest a feature to MC Verify, please don't hesitate to contact ChimneySwift#1337 directly (join the Minecraft official Discord or SkyComm and DM) or email directly using the email in !help.

For API-related enquiries, if you email please ensure you include your Discord ID. We will never request your API token directly!

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over 1 year ago

10/10 bot, very customisable and works very well


TooLongIdling UwU
TooLongIdling UwU

10 months ago

Developer is unresponsive to my inquiries after several pings. The bot does not have it's own support Discord but instead general purpose Skyblock Discord with no ticket system to obtain help with the bot specifically. The bot does not respond to it's advertised NON-slash commands such as "!setup" no matter how many times I try to run the command. The bot has the Administrator permission and so do ...





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