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A multipurpose bot made to house several helpful commands.


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1.12.8 | Quoting system

This update fixes several bugs regarding command sending, and removes all of our vote only commands :) This update also adds our new quoting system! Do `.quote` and you'll be surprised.

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jackbot is a bot give helpful, unique features and commands to servers

feature highlights:

view information about a topic with the .wiki <term> command
get information about a word with the .define <word> command
gives you the definition, part of speech, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms
view a youtubers most popular videos and recent videos, all within discord with the youtube <popular/recent> <youtuber-name> command

use the help command to see a list of commands, and use help <command> to get information about a singular command, such as a bigger description, usage, aliases if it has any, and also it's cooldown.

if you enjoy jackbot, consider voting for us! you can also join our support server for announcements and help!

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