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A Multipurpose for Bot Moderation, Fun, Utility, Music, Giveaways! and more coming soon!


f! or custom

Flame Bot

The default prefix is f!

A multipurpose bot like moderation, fun, utility, giveaways! and more coming soon! Has meme,server-info,maths calculation,kick,ban,announcement command with on/off command and many cool commands! And also have custom prefix for each server !Do vote the bot :). We also have a support server so you can ask us anything and can also give some suggestions for the bot and report bugs!

Flame Bot Features!

Fun Commands!

Here are some of the fun commmands!

  • Avatar
  • Ascii
  • Soccer
  • Calculate
  • User-info
  • Server-info
  • Trivia
  • Poll
  • Rate
  • Rps

Moderation Commands!

Here are some of the moderation commmands!

  • Ban
  • Clear
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • Slowmode
  • Unmute
Need Help With The Bot?

Join the Flame Bot Support Server where our staff and community members can help out!

Its a really small bot so i would like if you invite and vote it

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avatar of Flame Bot
Flame Bot 2 days ago

Thx bro

Replying to Broken Tooth

avatar of BiizoNinja
BiizoNinja 2 days ago

Its a really cool bot, recommended you to use!


avatar of WolSpackE
WolSpackE 1 day ago

Verified your bot please, also i can added your bot to my server. Thanks

avatar of Flame Bot
Flame Bot 1 day ago

Hey you can add it now! btw do vote it

Replying to WolSpackE