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A bot which I mad as a fun project, try it out!






Moderation: To use the warn command make 2 roles namely Warn Role 1 and Warn Role 2. To set the mute role use set_muterole command and don't mention the role just say its name perfectly

Fun: Use bonk command to bonk a user using image manipulation with their avatar on it. Ask questions to the magic 8ball! Basic rock paper scissor command, a.k.a rps.

The bot is getting constant updates and the warn command is still in beta so sometimes you might have to do manual unwarn to unwarn a user and the maximum warns you can give to a user is 3 after which you can ban or kick accordingly and each warn is intended to go after 3 days which might not work sometimes if the update affects it.

This is a fun bot and is developed constantly to give the best out of it.

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