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Epic progression-based fishing experience with 80+ unique fish species! Multiplayer, aquariums, quests, bounties, and more!


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Big Tuna


Big Tuna is a progression-based fishing bot offering a variety of features, including:

  • High resolution, randomly generated fish spawns
  • Aquariums to store your biggest fish (per species)
  • Cool game mechanics
  • 80+ fish species, 7 locations, 120+ pieces of equipment
  • An awesome leaderboard system
  • Events that provide opportunities to catch exclusive fish
  • Multiplayer functionalities
  • Constant development; We're always improving and updating our bot!


From rods to lines to aquariums, upgrading your equipment is your path to success.

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  • init - Creates an account. Does nothing if you already have an account.
  • fish - You fish. Has ~1hr cooldown, depending on your rod.
  • aquarium - View your aquarium for a given location. Don't forget to collect its revenue!
  • collect - Collect money from your aquariums. Less hassle!
  • shop - Upgrade your equipment.
  • setlocation - Sets your location. Only works when you've unlocked another location (minimum Lvl. 10).
  • bounty - View the weekly bounty (minimum Lvl. 10).
  • baitshop - Buy baits (minimum Lvl. 10).
  • card - View/sell/redeem your fish cards (minimum Lvl. 20).
  • givecard - Give someone a fish card (minimum Lvl. 20).

  • stats - Check out your current stats.
  • serverstats - See how your server ranks on the global scale.
  • equipment - Check out your equipment.
  • leaderboards - Check out local leaderboards
  • help - Access the help menu.
  • info - Access a commands list
  • iteminfo - View information about various items and baits.
  • fishinfo - View information about various fish.
  • locationinfo - View information about various locations.

  • vote - Vote for Big Tuna and reset your cooldown!
  • server - Direct links to the Community Server.
  • toggle - Toggle certain server features.
  • optin - Make your stats callable by fellow server members.
  • optout - Make your stats private again.
Well, what are you waiting for? Type .init to get started!

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