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Replica codes and hosts a Discord Bot for you in 5 seconds, with 24/7 uptime and no coding knowledge! WITHOUT ANY BOLD WATERMARK!






Replica | Reproductive Bot

Replica has artificial-intelligence installed, which let's you build your own bot in couple of seconds!

You need to provide a token for your bot, (where replica will build it) and in few seconds, your bot is ready to go!

How your bot is built?

Replica codes your bot, loads up all commands and hosts it! Artificial Intelligence helps it to replicate more and more bots in minor seconds!


of bots, made by Replica.
  • Uptime | Replica hosts your bot and makes it 24/7!
  • ⚒️ Moderation | For now, You bot is able to moderate servers, it has moderation commands like Kick,Ban,Purge,Mute and much more.
  • Fast | Replica chooses the best host for you! Making it fast and functional.
  • ⛑️ Safe | Replica stores your sensitive token in it's database which can be accessed by "Developer-only" (only for maintenance's sake)

Replica Command

  • r#create | USAGE: r#create PREFIX (token will be asked in DMs and safe environment)
  • r#batch | Get instant status of batch (where your bots are hosted)
  • r#help | For the rest of commands

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