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A bot designed to help moderate voting with miscellaneous commands.



Poll Anywhere!

I removed the feature where the poll would be posted only in the channel called "voting", so now the poll will be posted in whatever channel the command was called in.


This bot is designed to make it easier to poll your servers. The poll command takes the issue, the time limit, and time unit as parameters. On running the command, the bot sends the issue with an @everyone ping to the channel called 'voting' (there must be a voting channel or this will not work) and reacts to the message with 👍 and 👎. It then starts a timer with the time limit you set. It is recommended that you prevent non-admins from messaging or adding new reactions in this channel, but it won't break the bot if you don't. After the timer is up, it sends the results of the poll to the channel in which the command was used.

If you have administrator privelleges, you can change the prefix used to run the bot's commands. The bug report command can be used to send me a report about a bug you found or if the bot is offline (currently trying to fix that). I may DM you if I need more info. The suggestion command can be used to send me an idea about something that you think should be added, changed, or removed from the bot.

There are a couple of miscellaneous commands as well, such as fun facts, memes, and inspirational quotes.

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