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Insidious is a multi purpose bot with welcome, music, economy, leveling, memes, anime, moderation, gambling, and suggestion commands!


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My bot will help keep your server moderated and entertained at the same time with easy to access commands and full-time support Bot creator is Tenacity#6666 dm for support you can keep all of your members entertained while having options for moderation and media all bugs will be taken care of asap and all suggestions will be considered All commands are easily accessible here are some of them !help - see all bot commands !inv - Invite the bot !support - see how to donate to our Patreon !fun - See the fun commands !info - see server commands !bot - see bot info !money - see all-economy commands !grole - give a role to a user !wallet - check money !bank - check money and bank !beg - beg for money !announce - announce embedded message with ping !servinv - send back server invite !work - work and get money !av - get pfp !warn - warn mentioned user !delchannel - delete channel(name) !mute - mute mentioned user !unmute - unmute mentioned user !serverinfo - get current server info !suggest - suggest to set suggestion channel !kiss - kiss mentioned user !hug - hug mentioned user !rules - universal bot rules !watchakira - watch akira the movie !iq - check iq of you or optional mentioned user !stocks - get richest users in current server !daily - get daily money reward !8ball - get 8ball answer example (!8ball am i cute?) !ip - get fake ip of you or optional mentoned user !kick - kick - kick mentioned user !ban - ban entioned user !warnings - check warnings of user !warn - warn user !leaderboard - server rankings

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