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Your Dream Waifu. Chat Bot With A.I Themed as Anime Girl.






You can talk with Lxcha by using Command &ask (question) example: "&ask How are you?" Not only that, She also can help You with MATH (psst She's bad at math). but, don't even bother to confess your feeling to her, you'll regret it.

Show your Ping by Typing &ping

Translate ANY Languages to JAPAN uisng Google Translate API. no need to open Your Browser just type &trans and you're done!

Translate JAPAN to ENGLISH using Google Translate API. same as before, no need to open Your Browser, just type &trans2

Give you free cookie. Free delicious cookie just for you! :)

Give you some Dog and Cat Fact by simply typing "&dogfact" or &catfact&".

You can also Reverse Your Text !siht ekiL

You can now request a Command by Typing &request, We might intrested in your Command and we will credit You aswell!

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