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Moderation, Fun, Math, Meme, Ping, help, invite, downtime.






COMMANDS: Meme, Membercount, ban, kick, say, dog, cat, math, ping, help, invite, MODERATION: Ban, and kick! Give your mods the best tools to moderate!

FUN: Meme, Dog, Cat! Amazing fun commands best for your server!

ECT: Say, Member count! Member count can help you see your server members! Say can make the bot say somethings, mods only. Math need help with math? You can get help just be doing a simple command.

--------More-------- A multi-purpose Discord bot with commands, advanced moderation, entertainment and so much more!

---PLUS+--- MUST BE IN DISCORD COST: $1.00 What do you get? [A Plus+ role, file permissions, nickname permissions, advertising permissions, more soon.

Rules [PLUS - If you abuse plus is may lead to it being taken away from that user, if there permissions are abused.


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