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A bot for customizable auto-publishing messages, voice channel linking, bulk message deletion logs, and more!


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The main features of this bot are auto-crossposting (auto-publishing) messages in specific channels (with a delay to give you time to delete or use a command to stop a specific message from publishing), voice-channel role linking (meaning to give a role when a user joins a VC and removes it when they leave – useful for a text channel for VCs), logging bulk message deletions in a channel, and some other random stuff.

The following are the commands of the bot, and how to use them.

  • $help - Shows the enabled commands that you can use. Use $help [category] or $help [command]

  • $settings - lets you change the settings or configuration of the server. See below on the proper usages To reset a command's config

  • $settings reset [command name]
    To add or remove channels from a command

  • $settings channels [add/remove/reset] [command name] (channel mention or id)
    To add or remove roles from a command

  • $settings roles [add/remove/reset] [command name] (role mention or id)
    To enable a command

  • $settings enable [command name]
    To disable a command

  • $settings disable [command name]
    To setup the file extension filter

  • $settings filefilter
    To set or disable a logging channel

  • $settings logging [enable/disable] (channel)
    To enable/disable suggestions

  • $settings suggestions [enable/disable]
    To Set or View a suggestions channel

  • $settings suggestions channel (channel)
    To View this in your server

  • $settings help
    Note, certain commands like help, info, and settings may say they are disabled but will always work.

  • $memberinfo - Shows information about a server member, or you. Provide a member mention or an id after the command

  • $permissionsin - Shows the permissions a mentioned user has in a certain channel, provide the channel first, then the user as the second argument

  • $ping - basic command, just shows the time it takes to send and edit a message.

  • $random - Returns a random number between the two provided digits, or between 1 and 100 if no arguments are provided.

  • $rolepermissions - Shows the permissions of a role in a channel, channel first, then the role (works with ids or mentions).

  • $uptime - shows the uptime of the bot

  • $userinfo shows basic information about you or the mentioned user even if they aren't in the server

  • $voicelinking - Confirgures the voice channel role link settings. Provide either the id or mention of a role, or use "disable". This will give a role when a user joins a vc and remove it when they leave the vc.

  • $addchannel - adds a channel to the list of channels to be autopublished, provide a channel mention or id

  • $channels - shows the list of channels that will auto publish

  • $dontpublish - stops a message from publishing, provide the message link

  • $removechannel - removes a channel from the list of channels to be autopublished.

  • $lockchannel - locks a channel. NOTE: this takes a copy of the permission overwrites and saves it, and will revert it back to the old state disregarding any changes you made while the channel was locked

  • $unlockchannel - unlocks a channel, reverting back to the saved overwrites in the channel.

  • $purge - deletes x messages from a user, x messages in a channel, or even a specific message.

  • $enablebulklogs - enables or disables bulk message deletion logs channel. If you don't provide any arguments, the channel selected will show, or you can use "disable" or specify a channel. I require the Manage Webhooks permission in the channel you specify

  • $snowflake – shows the timestamp of a discord ID (message, channel, user, server, etc)

  • $avatar – shows the avatar of you or a supplied user id or user mention.

  • $emoji - Shows the full emoji form (<:emojiName:id>), name, or id from a provided emoji, emoji id, or partial name, with a search option in the server.

  • $suggest - Sends a suggestion to the suggestion channel.

  • $accept - Lets mod accept a suggestion, and edits the original message to show it as accepted. Provide a message ID and an optional reason.

  • $reject - Lets a mod reject a suggestion, also editing the original message. Provide a message ID and an optional reason.

  • $tictactoe - Plays a game of tic tac toe with the bot or another member. Also works with $ttt

  • $serverinfo - Shows some basic information about the server.

  • $lockserver - Command to lock the server, but note that permissions in your server need to be setup in a specific way. Use $lockserver --info to read more about that.

  • $unlockserver - Unlocks the server after using $lockserver.

Some additional features of this bot that don't use commands are below and can be configured using the $settings command:

File Filter Extension - This lets you block certain file types such as exe files from attachments or discord media links.
Making Bots Speaker in Stage Channel - This lets you have any bots that join a stage channel become a speaker automatically.

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