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Aye! Hello there. This bot has been made for Rising Cousins (a YT channel).



This bot has been made for the YT channel: Rising Cousins. You can see its commands by typing in RC_commands. It has joke commands like RC_jokes, RC_rickroll and RC_eat. But, for the educational part: RC_courses, RC_soft and RC_books! RC_jokes will give you our jokes that we liked, RC_rickroll will, well, rickroll you and RC_eat will make the Bot eat XD. We handpicked some courses that we liked in RC_courses (The courses displayed are not made by Rising Cousins and have will not be responsible if you do not like the said courses). In RC_soft we show you some softwares we would recommend you to use when you are studying! In RC_books the bot will suggest some good books that Teenagers would looovvvveee to read. There are many other commands that the bot has to offer, so you should try it out! The commands said above are just a small example!

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