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The Adult Server Protection

This bot is to protect servers with adult content inside. It was designed to insure that the server maintains safe and secure standards.



The Adult Server Protection bot is a ban database responsable for maintaining server security. The command list is as follows:

Everyone useage! .gfind - this will tell you the ban status of a user by their ID, .uptime will give you the time the bot has been up since the last update, .report - gives you the server link to join our server and report a member, .appeal - this will give you the link to our appeals server, .botinfo - returns the bots info .help - gives you the help functions.

THE COMMANDS FOLLOWING CAN ONLY BE USED IN THE MAINFRAME SERVER BY THE RELEVENT TEAM IN THE SERVER! .gban - globally bans the user, .gunban globally unbans the user.

The bot must have ban perms for it to work!

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