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Fantasy Prime is the premiere RPG Discord bot, offering customizable attacks, items, sparring, monster encounters, and more!



Welcome to Fantasy Prime, a multipurpose Discord bot for managing chat-based or gaming server roleplaying. Fantasy Prime supports the following features:

• Character profiles
• Character statistics such as melee and spell attack power, mana, stamina and agility
• Monsters and encounters
• Melee attacks for characters
• Spells for characters
• Buffs for characters
• Monster summoning
• Armaments and armories, and equippable armaments with status modifiers.
• Items and inventory
• Trading items and currency between characters
• Vendors and buying and selling from them
• Guild bank
• Experience and leveling
• Mass sparring between characters
• Dice rolls
• OOC bracketing
• Non-player character posting (NPCs)
• Character application and approval
• Custom server settings for leveling and restoration during encounters
• Four levels of access and control
• Random OOC fun commands
• Option for loading default items, spells, melee attacks, vendors and monsters
• Randomized dungeons of any size and level
• Classes, races and presets for new characters
• Narrator posting
• Entering and exiting a room
• Critter spawns and hunts
• Daily and chat participation XP/currency rewards
• Character status changes
• Custom commands for dice rolling
• Character pets from captured critters
• And much more!

Getting Help

Using Help:

  • Type =categories to see a list of command categories.
  • To see help for a specific command, type =whatis COMMAND, such as whatis create
  • For quick references, use =cheatsheet setup, spar, player, admin, gm, hunt, quests, or encounter.
  • To see easy explanations on basic bot functions, type =explain TOPIC. To see a list of topics, just type =explain.
  • For support, type =support to see advanced wiki documentation and the support server link.

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