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This is a high quality Discord music bot




Snowy v2

Snowy v2


Snowy Canary is a Discord music bot with many music features, you can use it in your server by inviting it and typing -play (song), it will join your current voice channel and play the song.

Need to know

When the bot goes offline, he will stop playing music and stay in the voice channel. Please DO NOT kick the bot out of the voice channel ( This can give errors ), wait until it's back online and type >stop


The bot has cool song filters like bassboost and 3D


You can play music by typing: >play (song) | The bot will give you a list with songs and you an choose one

Support Commands

If you need support with the bot or the commands, please type -support.

Bot Owner

Thanks to myself for making this bot, if you need help, join the support server or DM me | Happy listening! 🥳

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