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A bot for Rucoy Online, used to broadcast boss calls between servers.






This bot is used to create a network of boss calls in the game Rucoy Online. All the info on how to setup is in this server. Basically, the command you have to use to call a boss is $call or $boss. Once you did this, a setup will start, and you can chose the boss and the server the boss is in. Once you chose that, a message will be broadcasted to every server following the #calls-from-other-servers channel in this server. If you want to receive calls from other servers, just follow the channel I mentionned. But due to rate limits imposed by Discord, there can only be max. 10 boss calls per hour.

WARNING! Due to the nature of the bot, please don't send fake calls to test it out because a message will be sent in every server and people will search for the boss you called. If you do this you may be banned from using the bot in the future. If you want to test it out, tell me beforehand so I can send a message to the other servers telling them that the boss is fake.

Customization! If you want all calls made from your server to ping a role, or restrict the calls to a certain role or even redirect all calls made from your server to a specific channel, feel free to DM me and I will do all the changes for you! My discord tag is helloyanis#5158

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