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This is a multipurpose bot with a lot of fun commands plus a lot of moderation and also utilities such as weather and translation.



New secret Command

A new command has been created, not listed on help info. If you dm the response you got after you have run the command, (runs only if you are lucky to guess what the command is) You will get a surprise gift, from any bots.


This bot does a lot actually this has economy commands and also mod commands. It also has welcome and leave commands. If there is this bot in a server then it won't require anymore bots, or just a few such as giveaway etc. This has Variable prefixes too. It's fun commands and translation commands are very useful. You can contact @779553625307217930 on Discord for more help. SlanterMJ || Furious™#5572 is the user ID. If required you can send a bug report also to the above mentioned ID

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