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Uni is a ghost-buster role playing game where you complete quests, catch ghosts and fight bosses with your pets!



Uni commands - The most useful, the help command, will display all the commands available. Use quest to start quests. Most quests revolve around the player needing to catch ghosts in different types of biomes. Examples of some biomes: The Forest, The Beach and even The Volcano! Catching ghosts will also give the player a randomized item drop. These drops can be used for completing quests and advancing to new biomes. Uni has 2 different types of currencies! • Ecto-Tokens - received from selling ghosts and can be used to upgrade your pack! • Gems - received from catching ghosts and completing quests and can be used to unbox pets! You can use your pets in boss fights! Defeat all 6 types of bosses! Do ALL that while riding your favorite hoverboard! There are many more features in Uni such as • inventory • profile • daily • top • antenna • pack • sell • and much more... Also, use the %game command to learn About the origins of Uni! Invite the bot to your server today!

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