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Random memes

A bot that put random memes, put your avatar, ban people,clear messages, etc.






Fun Commands

If you need help put \help and the bot will put some commands

For more info of the bot put \info

To see a random meme put \random meme and this bot will put a random meme, some memes can be in Spanish lenguage

The bot will say you hi if you put \hi

To see the avatar of another user put \avatar+user

To create your won meme with buzz put \buzz image

To spin put \spin

To put a logo in Geometry Dash style, put \logo+text, the text can't have spaces

To see a creeper made by emojis put \creeper, idk why I created this command

To see a wasted moment, if you don't understand is when you die in GTA V, put \wasted

Put \say+text and the bot will say the text

Rp Commands

To open a shop to buy something put \shop and then you will see all the commands

To see your inventory put \inventory

To see how much money you have put \bal

Admin Commands

To ban a user put \ban+user+reason

To unban a user put \unban+ID of the user

To clear messages put \clear+Number of messages, sometimes the bot can't clear the messages

To put an antilinks mode put \antilinks on

To turn off the antilinks mode put \antilinks off

To turn on the anti everyone mode put \antieveryone on

To turn it off put \antieveryone off

Non Admin Commands

To suggest something put \suggest+suggestion and the suggestion will be sent to this channel

To report something put \report+command that doesn't work and the suggestion will be sent to this channel

To see the server info put \server info

To see the info of a user put \user info+user


This commands work by DM, only the shop commands don't work by DM, only in a server, don't try it, something important, your inventory will not be able to be seen in another servers, for example, you have 1000coins and you go in another server, it means you start again, this bot is not 24/7, sorry, sometimes the status of the bot can change, If you want a bot for only moderation click here

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Special thanks for Epicgamer999proLOLxd

Tester: Epicgamer999proLOLxd

Creator: DIEGO XD

If you can't see all the info of the bot refresh the page

If the bot is offline it can be that the status of the bot is restarting, that process can take more than 5m or 10m

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