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[IN DEVELOPMENT], Bot with many fun commands that also include music playing and moderation for Administrators.



Ghostly bot is a bot used for Fun commands, Music and Moderation as well

Help commands

?cmds - Shows you a list of commands

?cmds2 - Shows you second list of commands

?modcmds - Shows you list for Moderation commands

Fun commands

?rules - sends you a basic list of rules(chat)

?eyo - sends a hello message to you(chat)

?pepe - shhhhh pepe is talking(chat)

?shut - shut!!!(chat)

?unshut - no i unshut!!!(chat)

?no - no you!(chat)

?yes - ghostly agrees(chat)

?vibin - wanna vibe?(chat)

?hello - sends hello message(chat)

?sheesh - SHEEEEESH!!!(chat)

?fight - wanna fight????(chat)

?ded - why is chat soo dead??(chat)

?f - pays respects(chat)

?humor - sends a joke(chat)

?8ball - predicts your future(chat)

?b - bruh(chat)

?snowman - surprise is waiting(chat)

?bleh - ehh(chat)

?dog - sends a random doggo(chat)

?fox - sends a random foxy(chat)

?cat - sends a random kitty(chat)

?rip - rest in peace(chat)

inv - sends you an invite to an support server and bots invite to your server

?gm - sends a good morning gif(chat)

?gn - sends a goodnight gif(chat)

?cry - sends a crying gif(chat)

?tictactoe - mention a user to play a friendly game of tic tac toe

Music commands

?p - provide a link and itll play audio

?stop - stops all audio

?pause - pauses all audio

?resume - resumes all audio

Moderation commands

?ban - bans a user from the server

?unban - unbans a person on the server

?kick - kicks a user from the server

?warn - warns a person in the server(fixing bugs)

?clear - clears the ammount of messages you want

?slowmode - sets a slowmode timer from 1s to 2600s

Additional commands

?dev/?supdev - sends a [aypal link to support the developer

?uinfo - sends information abot the user youve pinged

?rules - sends a list of basic rules in the server

?rr - creates react role

?poll - makes a poll

?meme - sends a meme

?servers - sends you a number of servers the bot is in

?pp - you konow what...

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