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COMMANDS ?play, ?skip, ?stop, ?skip, ?clearque, ?queue - Musik system

?advice - Gives a random advice!

?anime - Gives a random anime.

?ban - Banns a player

?cat - Gives a random cat picture.

?coin - Flipps a coin

?dog - Gives a random dog picture.

?file - Plays a recording.

?getdashboardpw - Gets your password for the Dashboard

?help - Helps you

?kick - Kicks a player

?level - Shows your level and xp

?mcstatus - Shows the server status of an MC server!

?meme - Gives a random meme.

?ping - Ping!

?purge - Purges a whole channel.

?rec - Records a player (data is saved)

?setdashboardpw - Sets your password for the Dashboard

?setup - Sets everything up

?testcode - Can test your code, if it works

?ticket - Opens a suppport ticket

?translate - Translates stuff.

?unban - Unbanns a player


  • Has a log feature.

  • Has a join canava.

  • Has a leave canava.

  • Can chat with you.

  • It has a counting channel.

  • Globalchat

  • Has a leveling system

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