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Fulcrum Prime

A multi-purpose bot equipped with various utilities and powerful admin tools.



Fulcrum Prime is the bot for all the features you never knew you needed on your server. Along with utilities like defining and translating, Fulcrum Prime comes with an arsenal of admin commands and services that can change life on your server as you know it. For example, Fulcrum Prime provides include the ability to easily set up information channels you would normally see in big servers. It also allows admins to set up voice channel roles, which means you can ping ONLY everyone in a voice channel just by pinging the voice channel name. Some admin tools Fulcrum Prime comes with include commands for role management on the fly, easy management of voice channels and their users, and more! On top of this, Fulcrum Prime is constantly being updated with new and awesome features, making it an overall amazing bot to have in your server!

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