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Sonzee's Bot for Genshin Immitation.


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A Bot used for whatever Sonzee feels like making. Bot is python based and is used for personal learning with fun outcomes.(hopefully) Using https://api.genshin.dev/ and https://github.com/genshindev/api for images and info for the Genshin Impact related content. Not sure if this bot will continue to actually be hardcore developed on due to school and such but whilst I'm going hard at it, might as well allow people to have fun with it.

Data is stored with mongoDB and the server is hosted in new Jersey on a Vultr VPS. Everything made with the bot will be made with the EST timezone in mind.

I do not intend to build a community for this but feel free to DM me at Sonzee {my gf numba 1}#7276 if you have any questions. (Pls no spam.). You can also join my discord server to post suggestions or just to play around.

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