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Sharbull is a security bot, enforcing captcha verification, antispam and user flagging for Discord servers




What is this bot?

Sharbull is a ready to use bot deployable in minutes, aimed to filter out selfbot accounts by detecting fake accounts and using a captcha system. With its built-in anti-spam filter this bot will also rate limit humans who flood the chat, as Sharbull has a strict policy on spammers and raiders, zero tolerance is not an option, it's mandatory. Our bot is using a shared database across all servers in order to detect toxic people before they even join your server.

Main features

  • Togglable Captcha for joining members
  • Shared reputation system between all servers
  • AntiSpam operating according to the user's rep
  • Selfbots detection and flagging system


If you are a server administrator and would like to use this bot, start now by using the command !!setup Take a look at other commands by sending !!help commands or !!help security


Automatic flagging

Sharbull automatically detects if an account is fake or likely to be a selfbot by checking their avatar, creation date, user flags and reports. With this data, a trust score is calculated and further actions may be taken :


Captchas are widely used everywhere and have proven to be effective against selfbots, and Sharbull uses 3 levels of protection :

  • Level One : Users can join your server without having to complete a challenge.
  • Level Two : By looking at the user's flags, Sharbull enables or not the challenge for a suspicious user.
  • Level Three : Everyone including clean users will have to complete a challenge.


An antispam is also included, which automatically flags the user. Depending on their trust score, they may get muted, kicked or even banned.

ALERT mode

When you enable alert mode, any spamming member will be banned without a warning. (Sharbull protection services must be enabled first) Alert mode is automatically enabled when a member reaches the spamming ban treshold. If you want the bot to ignore a channel, block the Read Messages permission of this channel to Sharbull.

Question? Concerns? Contest a bad reputation? Go to the support server here :

If you want to help the project, consider buying me a coffee here:

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