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Here is a "Economy" based bot it has work commands ect and even crime commands. Its up 24/7, we have a command cooldown and even more!!


! - customisable

Here are the list of some of the commands

Economy Commands

#1) add-money - Add money to a person Syntax: "!add-money "

#2) remove-money - Remove money from a person Syntax: "!remove-money "

#3) bal - Check the balance of your person Syntax: "!bal [Member]"

#4) deposit - Deposit an amount into your bank Aliases: "dep" Syntax: "!deposit"

#5) withdraw - Withdraw some money from your account Aliases: "with" Syntax: "!withdraw"

#6) rob - Rob someone for their money Syntax: "!rob"

#7) slut - Embrace your inner slut Syntax: "!slut"

#8) work - Work for some good money Syntax: "!work"

#9) crime - Crime it up and steal from some old ladies Syntax: "!crime"

#10) buy - Buy something from the shop Syntax: "!buy"

#11) inventory - Show your inventory Syntax: "!inventory"

#12) invite - Send the bot invite Syntax: "!invite"

Configuration Commands

#1) command - Enables or disables a command for this guild Syntax: "!command <"enable" or "disable"> "

#2) language - Displays or sets the language for this Discord server Aliases: "lang" Syntax: "!language [Language]"

#3) prefix - Displays or sets the prefix for the current guild Syntax: "!prefix [New Prefix]"

#4) requiredrole -Specifies what role each command requires. Aliases: "requiredroles", "requirerole", "requireroles" Syntax: "!requiredrole <"none" | Tagged Role | Role ID String>"#

Help command(s)

#1) help - Displays this bot's commands Aliases: "commands" Syntax: "!help [command]"

#7) contact - Contact an admin Syntax: "!contact"

Extra Information

We recently added a command cooldown for each command so please if the command doesnt work try again in 2 seconds but if it happens quite often then let us know and we will do our best to fix the issue!

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