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Great Economy Bot for those that like dank memers,but this is a smaller version of Dank Memer.



I have created this bot similiar to Dank memer, so people are familiar to many different kinds of economy bots. these are the commands for this bot: /help, /start, /daily, /bal, /vote, /work, /invite, /lb

What does the commands do? /help: brings up all the bot commands /start: start using this bot or else you cant really use it /daily: gives you 500 discord coins every time you use this commands, but you only can claim it every 24 hours /bal: tells you how much discord coins you have in your wallet /vote: you can vote the bot to support us /work: you get 25 coins everytime you work, but you can only work every 30 mins /invite: sends you the bots invite link /lb: shows you the leaderbaord of people's money in the server

you must use the /start command in order to start using the bot

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